general information, principles & returns policy


Client The Customer as introduced by initial contact.

Manufacturer The Paper Cup King (A.B.N: 19 622 565 057)

Delivery The Delivery process to the customer.

Statutory Rights Basic consumer rights as determined, and guaranteed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Delivery Address End point of service as instructed by the Customer /client at a specific date and time.

Manufacturers Address 1 Stoney Way, Derrimut, VIC 3030

Client Contact Details Customers contact details as provided by the client.

Agreement Job description as agreed upon post quotation.

Quotation Official estimate as communicated by The Paper Cup King.

Special Notes and Instructions As provided by the client, customer and /or The Paper Cup King.

Artwork Logos, images and others provided by the client/customer.

Artwork Approval Artwork, logos and images on the paper cup as instructed and approved by the client/customer and his/her agents.

Transport Provider Mode of transport and freight option, as appointed by the customer/client, or The Paper Cup King.

Turn-Around-Time Manufacturing process from time of approval of artwork and receival of a 50% deposit payment as indicated on the official quotation and/or elsewhere indicated in correspondence.

General information

The Paper Cup King (A.B.N: 19 622 565 057) is a paper cup manufacturing company dedicated to providing high-quality digitally branded paper cups for the Australian and International markets. Our Paper Cups pass the strictest quality control test to ensure that our customers are a hundred percent satisfied. We intend to make every use of our paper cup a statement, a conversation point, and an experience.

Core principles of The Paper Cup King

The core principles that constitute The Paper Cup King’s business activities include: Maintaining abiding values, in spite of business practices changing with time. Fostering respect for individuals, not as a strategic advantage, but because it is morally correct. Acknowledging the difference between timeless principles and daily business practices. Sticking to values – even if this appears to put us at a competitive disadvantage.

Truly Australian – And Yes, Very Very Proud of It

We are a truly Australian owned and manufactured paper cup company and have always operated in the best interest of our people and our communities. The Paper Cup King behaves intrinsically according to our entrenched value system and we have little doubt that we have a positive impact on the lives of our clients in the Australian and international markets.

Recycling Policy

At The Paper Cup King, we believe in fostering responsible environmental and waste management solutions. The Paper Cup King’s cups are 100% recyclable. Australia’s natural sustainability is very important to us, and we have to secure it for future generations to come. There we stand by these principles; RECYCLE-REUSE-REINVENT.

Manufacturing process

We, the manufacturer appreciate or our client’s business. Big or small, national or international. We are proud, honored and delighted to share this partnership with you. It is our pledge, that due diligence will be taken during every step from the first point of contact to delivery and aftersales service. We will treat you like you are our most valued and only customer.

Returns policy

The Paper Cup King strives to provide the best possible service to its customers and has put the appropriate measures in place to ensure all its staff and suppliers are fully aware of, and comply with the regulations and guidelines as legally determined by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC). We are committed to operate our business in terms of the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act and our returns policy is aligned therewith.

Goods will be refunded or exchanged, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC), if the goods were defective, unfit for purpose or failed due to a design or manufacturing flaw. The Paper Cup King reserves the right to refer returned goods for technical assessment by our appointed technical quality inspectors.

Please note that it may not be possible to determine whether goods have been damaged or what the cause of a failure or defect may be, at your location. Accordingly, The Paper Cup King reserves the right to refer returned goods for technical assessment prior to replacing or refunding an item and to provide the customer with feedback within 10 business days of receipt of the returned goods and to act accordingly.

As with all guarantees, certain conditions and exceptions apply:

  • Please take proper note of any terms or instructions that accompany your goods;
  • Goods that show a material manufacturing defect or other material defect within the ninety days (90) of purchase will be, replaced or refunded; and

The Paper Cup King guarantee will only apply to material defects in the process of manufacturing the goods and will not apply in the following instances:

  • damage caused by lightning or other natural disasters;
  • damage caused at customers place of storage
  • damage caused by misuse or abuse to the goods or contrary to instructions and warnings provided on the goods or their documentation;
  • goods used for a purpose other than the purpose for which they were intended (e.g. The use of the item together with abrasives and/or other solvents.)
  • accidental damage;
  • goods that have been altered or physically changed in any way; and
  • A public regulation prohibits such returns for public health reasons.
  • Fault due to a third-party service provider such as the transport and freight provider as approved by the customer and his or her appointed agents and representatives.

Once The Paper Cup King have accepted a return and approved a refund, or replacement the customer will receive the replacement/refund in the same manner as the initial agreement that was made.

For full Terms & Conditions or to read our Privacy Policy, please view these documents from our home page.

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