Ameru is a supplier of quality Kenyan coffee that’s sourced directly from a plantation in Kenya. With their “crop to cup” system, the Ameru team pride themselves on supporting local farmers as well as providing premium quality, great tasting coffees to consumers.

Ameru has recently begun using custom coffee cups from The Paper Cup King at events and exhibitions across Australia. Below, they provide their feedback:

What does the unique coffee cup branding do for you?

The custom coffee cups help us to support our brand and gain good customer recognition. They’re also very unique and draw lots of attention.

Have you used our cups at any events or exhibitions?

Absolutely, and we use only your cups. Wherever we serve Ameru coffee, our customers drink only from the custom recyclable coffee cups printed by The Paper Cup King.

Some recent events are:

  • Yabun Festival - 26 Jan 2018, Sydney
  • Kenya's Independence Day "Jamhuri 2017" - December 2017, Canberra
  • Reggae Carnival Marrickville - November 2017, Sydney
  • Cancer Council NSW 7 Bridges Walk - October 2017, Sydney

What other advertising mediums are you using for your institution?

In addition to using custom insulated coffee cups as business promotional products, we also use social media (Facebook, Instagram) and an online website. Occasionally, we also use printed materials such as flyers and posters

How would you rate our level of service?

The customer service we receive from The Paper Cup King is phenomenal! I had sent requests to several suppliers looking for the best deal to order custom coffee cups, and the level of service was a major factor why we decided to go with The Paper Cup King. A big, big thank you to Ashur, who from day one has provided outstanding service and goes above and beyond to make sure we’re happy with the results of the cups and the whole service around the order/delivery process. His super friendly nature and his communication is fantastic – not once did I have to chase an update on my order, and at all times he makes sure the service and products align with our interests and wishes. He always tries his best to accommodate whatever special request we have, and he should be recognised for that. The cups themselves are also of great quality – almost too good to be thrown away after! Whenever we order, which is mostly a bit short notice, we’ve never been placed in a position where we’ve ran out of stock, because the turnaround time is so much faster than expected.

Do you have any customer feedback from your customers regarding the paper cups?

As I don’t work on the service side of the business myself, I haven't had much interaction with our customers regarding the custom coffee cups, but my staff have told me that the general reaction has been positive and admiring.

Would you recommend us to others?

With the absolute first class service I’ve received, I surely recommend The Paper Cup King to anyone looking for a supplier of custom coffee cups!

The Paper Cup King looks forward to working with Ameru in the future and continuing to supply them with quality insulated coffee cups that are customised to their needs.